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Blackout Wednesday - Sweater Weather + 3 New Variants - Wednesday, November 24th @ Noon - Both Locations

The Fermentorium |

Visit our Cedarburg Tasting Room

The Cedarburg Tasting Room offers an inviting and comfortable space with 24 taps offering a full spectrum of craft beer styles. Enjoy some great food, a game with a friend, or just a spot at the bar learning more about beers. Make sure to take a peek at the brewery to see the heart of our craft.

Wauwatosa Barrel House

Now open! The Fermentorium Barrel House is a tasting room and barrel aging facility for mixed fermentation sour beers. The tasting room has over 20 tap lines to allow you a full sampling of all of our products. Enjoy the same friendly and relaxed environment as our Cedarburg location.


Explore Our Beers

Traditional Series

Our reverent nod to the famous brewing styles that came before.
View the series

Hop Wheel Series

We experiment with flavors of hop-forward beers like Pale Ales & IPAs
View the series

Brewer's Reserve Series

New ideas and unrestrained innovation unleash unique, palate-pleasing flavors
View the series

Barrel Series

Wood is featured as the fifth element of flavor in these beers
View the series

Farm To Glass

From the field to the first sip, we deliver a taste unique to our communities, forging a relationship between grower and brewer.
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Pilot Series

The proving grounds for new ideas and flavor concepts where we try out new ingredients, ideas, and processes.
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